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Ahmed Ben Dohman Ahmed Ben Dohman (1 Posts)

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Hadhramout University College of Medicine

Ahmed Ben Dohman is a fifth-year medical student at Hadhramout University College of Medicine. He is committed to excellence in his studies and is always seeking new ways to advance his skills and knowledge in the field of medicine. In his free time, Ahmed enjoys exploring new topics and staying intellectually engaged through reading and other thought-provoking activities. He is also an avid chess player and enjoys solving puzzles such as Sudoku and Rubik's cubes, which he believes help keep his mind sharp and focused.

From Spiritual Journey to Physiological Phenomena: The Fascinating Science Behind the Immediate Relief of Thirst

As a Muslim living in a city with a hot and humid climate, I can attest that when it’s time to break my fast, water is the only thing on my mind. Drinking water seems to immediately quench my thirst. But does this mean that the water is absorbed from my stomach into the bloodstream at the exact moment of consumption?

Long Distance is Really Hard

I went to college in Canada, and whenever I’d think about medical school, I’d romanticize how great moving to the United States would be in terms of opportunities and career development. However, in college, I was in a romantic relationship when I applied to medical schools in the U.S., and with that, I was very cognizant that I’d have to be in a long-distance relationship for at least four years…

Socializing in Medical School: Evaluating Our Racial Comfort Zones

I came across a photo on social media of some classmates that appeared almost identical to another one I had seen months ago — beaming medical students crowded together against a brick wall of a campus apartment. Déjà vu. But there was one difference. Nearly all the students in this picture were white, whereas all the students in the older picture were non-white. 

Mariam Shalaby Mariam Shalaby (1 Posts)

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Penn State College of Medicine

Mariam Shalaby is a third year medical student at Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, PA class of 2023. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2018 with a Bachelor of Philosophy in music and a Bachelor of Science in natural sciences. She enjoys spending time others, playing musical instruments, and trying new foods in her free time. After graduating medical school, Mariam would like to pursue a career at the intersection of medicine and public health.