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The Catastrophic Search for the Operating Room

Wake up a 5:00 a.m.,
Cannot afford to be late.
It’s my first day of preclinical shadowing,
I want my first impression to be great.

I’ve read up extensively on the surgeries,
I have mastered all the anatomic basics.
The only thing I have no idea about,
is where the hell the proper room is.

I know where the hospital is,
I know just where to park.
I nervously walk up to the building,
and stand lost in the dark.

I check my phone for the fifth time,
“Building Four, Room 237.”
I ask the officer at the front desk,
“I’m sorry sir, but you’re now in building eleven.”

I thank him for the help,
though he really provided none.
I then walk back outside, pull out my phone,
Google’s map is useless, it’s from 1971.

I dash around the next building,
“Building Four,” no more distraught!
I approach the door and shake it vigorously,
but alas, a keycard I have not.

I wait just outside the door,
pretending to look occupied.
Hoping and praying a group comes by,
to sneak in with the team alongside.

A medical team finally comes,
distracted by the chaos of last night’s news.
They visually scan my ID card,
and let me in as team members diffuse.

I search for “Room 237,”
I guess it’s on the second floor.
I begin my search for the elevator,
only to be lost even more.

I finally bump into a doctor,
his tie sharp, his coat white and long.
His ID mentions something about “Plastics,”
following him, I cannot go wrong.

I pretend to answer a text,
until he’s a few steps ahead.
We take a left, and then a right,
and then up the stairs he led.

At last, I finally see it,
Oh my, oh glory! There it lies!
“Room 237,” “Office of Dr. S,”
I knock, enter, but couldn’t believe my eyes.

No one’s there, not even his coat,
more defeated I could not be.
In a panic I head to the surgery board,
And, of course, his surgery’s started in OR three.

I leave my bag in his office,
and rush over to the operating room.
A nurse quickly stops me, confused and concerned,
“you need some help with scrubs, I assume.”

I quickly glance down and realize,
I’m in my shirt and jeans.
Together we head on down the hall,
over to the hidden scrub machines.

I choose a pair of larges,
And rush to the bathroom to change.
I dart to the proper OR and quickly head in,
but it couldn’t have been more strange.

Everyone was staring curiously at me,
I could swear the patient was too.
I quickly and clumsily introduce myself,
and the surgeon nods kindly as if he knew.

I explain in brief the entire situation,
he chuckles and provides a hidden grin.
“Welcome to the OR, glad to have you,
now go get scrubbed in.”

Image credit: Non-Descript Hospital Hallway (CC BY-SA 2.0) by ScottD_Arch

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