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Alaq Muwali (1 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Baghdad College of Medicine

Alaq Muwali is a final year medical student attending Baghdad College of Medicine in Baghdad, Iraq. She has a passion for medicine, writing, mental health and the arts. She hopes her words help shine a light on the often neglected stories and experiences of the people of her country.


“Dan the magic man,” Q replied. Q rummaged through his jacket pocket and pulled out a quarter. A childish smile brought the color back to his face as he attempted to make the coin disappear into thin air and then pull it out from behind my ear.

Stephanie Cockrill Stephanie Cockrill (3 Posts)

Medical Student Editor and Contributing Writer

University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine

Stephanie Cockrill is a fourth year medical student at University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine. She enjoys horseback riding, crafting, and quilting in those fleeting instances of free time available during school. She and her husband are parents to two dogs: Arya, a 5-year-old Collie, and Sybil, a 2-year-old Labrador/sharknado mix.