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Pamela Sansoucy, MD (1 Posts)

Attending Physician Guest Writer

University of Massachusetts Family Medicine Residency

I am a recent graduate from the UMass Family Medicine Residency Program. My interests include whole person care of all ages. I will be joining a practice in Westminster, MA to continue outpatient family medicine.

Finding a Home in Internal Medicine

Whenever I consider my time in medical school, I am surprised by how quickly I have been able to cultivate a sense of belonging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, far from home and in a very unfamiliar setting. After all, I grew up in a single-parent household with my dad in a small, weary mill town in central Massachusetts called Ware. He was a carpenter who always carried at least two jobs to make ends meet. I did not really thrive in medical school until my first rotation on the wards, where I was reintroduced to “my kind of people” — patients.

Becoming a Doctor

“Write your name on the paper,” he said. Since he was a senior who’d just gotten into medical school, and I was a simple sophomore who’d chosen to attend the session, I did. “Now write Dr. in front of it.” I complied. “If you’re reading that and you don’t feel anything, medicine isn’t for you,” he said. I looked at it again, my name with a Dr. in front of it. I didn’t feel a thing. I crumpled up the paper, chucked it in the trash and didn’t give it another thought.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Clinical Students by Rishi Kumar, MD

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the clinical portion of medical school. Now you’ll work alongside interns, residents, attendings, pharmacists, social workers, and a myriad of other health care workers to provide quality care for your patients. As a resident, I’ve seen medical and PA students struggle with feelings of anxiety, incompetence and disorganization. They are excellent with patients, but often have difficulty with team dynamics and understanding their roles as clinical students. Here are some tips for success modeled after Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Where No One Knows Your Name

I worked my last shift in the emergency department as a medical student last week. A few hours in, I walked to the chart rack and grabbed the next patient to be seen. I walked into the room in question and introduced myself in that fluid, simple way I’d perfected over thousands of encounters over the previous few years. “Hi, I’m Sarab Sodhi, the fourth-year med student on the team. What brings you in to see us?” …

Transitions: The Reflections of a Fourth-Year Medical Student

I walked into the medical school this morning, happy to back in a place I’d not seen much of in a year and a half. I stopped midstride as I saw a sea of new faces sitting in the common area. The faces I saw were young and eager, full of promise, hope, and fear — clearly new first-years. It struck me then, as I began to walk more slowly through the hallowed halls that …

Match Day Spotlight 2014: Internal Medicine, Take Three

Recent fourth-year matcher Ben Monson of University of Nebraska Medical Center graces us with his wise words on finding success and happiness in medical school and beyond. 1. Tell us about yourself: Where are you from? What is your undergraduate degree and where did you receive it? Did you do anything between undergraduate and medical school?  Ben Monson: My name is Ben Monson and I’m from Papillion, Nebraska.  I completed my undergraduate education at Iowa State …

What I Wasn’t Meant To Do in Medical School

Medical school has been weird. I learned things about myself that I didn’t like and I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by things that I thought I would never like. As a fourth-year student, your focus and energy are consumed with thoughts revolving around future residency: the labor intensive training that follows four long years of medical school. What no one tells you is that you will question your commitment to medicine on more than one …

Farah Khan Farah Khan (1 Posts)

Contributing Writer Emeritus

Ross University School of Medicine

I’m a Class of 2014 medical student at Ross University School of Medicine and matched into a pediatric residency at Inova Children’s Hospital in Fairfax, VA. I debated between surgery and pediatrics as a career choice, which sounds really odd to most people, but both choices made the most sense to me. I love reading and cooking — especially when I get to try new recipes and I’m a huge football fan. Go Skins!