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6 y/o F: Patient Perspective of Illness

mom, what’s loo-skeem-ya?
oh okay — does that mean I’m loo-skeem-ya?
why are they poking me?
you mean they take a part of my bone?
but it didn’t hurt, did they have to break it first?
mom, what’s a bone marrow transplant?
wait — if they do that, does that mean I’ll change my personality?
I don’t want that.
well, what if I turn into the other person
‘cause I took a part of them?
did they have to die first?
I’m a robot. you know, ‘cause they gave me a port —
do you think I can charge your phone with it?
mom, you promised to take me to see a movie
can we go home yet? I’m tired.
well, you wanted to write a book about us. I don’t want to.
how about you write it for me?

Vivian Ho (1 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Stanford University School of Medicine

Vivian is a second year medical student at Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, CA Class of 2022. In 2017, she graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor of Arts in human biology with a concentration in global health and development. She then pursued a Fulbright in Uganda working on maternal and child health. She enjoys swing dancing, writing, and creating music in her free time. In the future, Vivian would like to pursue a career in psychiatry.