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Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

Daniella is a third-year medical student at Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in Miami, FL, Class of 2024. In 2019, she graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science and Arts in biology and philosophy She enjoys Olympic weightlifting, reading horror novels and making intricate meals in her free time. After graduating medical school, Daniella would like to pursue a career in Anesthesia Critical Care.

What They See First

The beauty of medicine is that we are trained to see each person as an individual, not as a victim of their stereotypes. We are taught that we are more than our skin color, our religion, our clothing or our gender. But even though I see more than a patient’s demographic on static paper, those same patients, and sometimes even colleagues, fail to see me as more than just a woman.

My Most Important Lesson from Medical School

Upon reflection, my actions and feelings in caring for this patient reveal how truly afraid I was to be wrong; not necessarily about the diagnosis, but rather about whether the patient would be okay. Maybe coming in daily and opening her chart for good news was just me hoping that my initial impression was still right instead of coming to terms with the fact I was very wrong.

“Hola, mi nombre es … y soy un estudiante de medicina.”

She asks me if I can speak Spanish, to which I regrettably deny, stating I can understand it well, but my ability to communicate in my mother tongue is lacking. Her eyes catch my sight, this time not projecting annoyance, but now disappointment, with her head shaking and her uttering, “That is an absolute shame. You should know how to speak Spanish. You are Hispanic and do not know Spanish? What a shame.”

Lost and Found in Medical Training

Many people told me that my third year of medical school would be both the most rewarding and the most difficult. That I would choose my future specialty and discover my specific path in medicine — a task which, as I began the year, seemed both exciting and daunting. Little did I know that during my third year of medical school, I would learn just as much about myself as I would about patient care and the practice of medicine.

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California Northstate College of Medicine

I am a fourth-year medical student at California Northstate University College of Medicine, and I am planning to go into internal medicine for residency. I grew up in Santa Cruz, California and attended college at UC Santa Barbara. I have an interest in gastroenterology, nutrition, and the mind-gut connection. During my free time, I enjoy running and reading historical fiction.